Monday, May 13, 2013

party's over

BENT CROSS will rest in beer. 2011-2013.

We played our last show in Hamburg on May 11th, 2013. Thank you, friends. Always had a great time.

Monday, January 21, 2013

BC tour may 2013

long time, no shows...but that is about to change! we needed to shorten the upcoming tour, but we're still playing these shows: 

tue 07.05.2013 Leipzig@Zoro w/WHAT WE FEEL, RUINS

wed 08.05.2013 Stuttgart@Juha West w/DEPARTED, SENDING LIGHTS, SNAKES AND LIONS
thu 09.05.2013 Mannheim@Juz w/AGENT ATTITUDE, BLOOD PATROL
sat 11.05.2013 Hamburg@Hafengeburtstag/Störte w/BLANK PAGES & more

Monday, December 10, 2012

ANNOTATION/BC split available now // "MERCH STORE" online now!!

Heyo, our split 7inch with ANNOTATION is finally out NOW. You can listen to the entire record and download it for FREE at our bandcamp site: Aaand, you can now order all of our merch shit directly through our new bandcamp store You'll need a paypal address. If you don't have one, OF COURSE you can order the same shit by email:

ANNOTATION/BC split 7inch, front/back covers

ANNOTATION/BC split 7inch, inside

Sunday, November 11, 2012

BC/ANNOTATION split 7inch out NOW!!

Hey, quick update to let you know, our split 7inch with ANNOTATION is finally available from Barfight and Hardware Records.

HARDCORE-PUNK. Hamburg citizens BENT CROSS continue with 2 more beer-spitting tracks (from the same recording session as their debut 7"). Raw, dirty and of course - no compromises. The rock is hard, high, and mighty - both tunes have teeth, and the jams are kicked the fuck out. BENT CROSS is a band that happens to party - better, they are a band that incites a party. They have the strong punk ethos in their lyrics: work sucks, get fucked, let’s rage. On the flipside ANNOTATION leaves their previous recordings in a cloud of bong smoke. They serve a kind of retro-rock that brings back memories of BLACK FLAG, BL'AST and the occasional THIN LIZZY. Both songs start out with a gnarly late '70s hard-rock riff and then it quickly becomes a straight forward hardcore-punk song. ANNOTATION make you want to grow your hair out for the sole purpose of head banging. All 4 exclusive smashers consist of simple-but-effectice three-chord riffs, spiced up with melodic lead guitar work and the sound is rough as it should and firmly along the lines of early '80s hardcore-punk bands. The songs might not have the most original progressions, but you can hear that both bands are here to throw a lean, mean live party. And there is nothing wrong with that! Where is the Beer-Bong-Party? Vinyl includes a digital download card.

BC/Annotation split, BC side

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

no BENT CROSS @ Caos a Gracia//Barcelona

so here's the news: BC is NOT playing Caos a Gracia in Barcelona this weekend. SNAFU, reasons beyond our control. sorry, people. Padde's already there, i'm flying tomorrow morning, so come'n hang out with us & some pisswarm beers...we'll have a blast anyway.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


yo. we're playing some shows within the next week so why not drop a new song right now? here you go. Listen to "Red And Black", from our upcoming split 7inch with ANNOTATION, out on Barfight/Hardware in a couple of weeks. We also uploaded ANNOTATIONs "Tree Of Life". You can download both songs. The record will feature 2 songs by each band. more ear candy once the single is released.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caos a Gracia // Barcelona

We'll see you soon, Barcelona...siked!!

Caos a Gracia 2012

Ruidosa Inmundicia (Austria/Chile)
Porkeria (Texas/USA)
Bent Cross (Hamburg/Alemania)
Orden Mundial (Mallorca)
Suicidas (Barcelona/Viena)